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Golden Mask for Lips Gold Mask for Neck Gold Patch for Eye Area
Golden Mask for Lips
Our Price: $5.99
Gold Mask for Neck
Our Price: $6.99
Gold Patch for Eye Area
Our Price: $6.99
-Pack of 3 mask for lips

-Protects the delicate area of the lips
moustirizing, softening and firming.

Prevents and smoothes wrinkles from
the neck area, helping maintain a firm
appearance, skin tone, moisturizes look
helping to protects from UV rays.
-Pack of 3 patch for eye area

-Lightens dark circles under
the eyes, reduces swelling,
wrinkles and fine lines protects
the area against sun rays, gives
luminosity and a soft texture
Facial Mask Gold Mask for the Breasts
Facial Mask Gold
Our Price: $9.99
Mask for the Breasts
Our Price: $12.00
Smooths and prevents fine lines
•Gives solid appearance to skin
•Acts as a antioxidant and prevents
the accumulation free radicals
•Contributes to the blood flow
•Prevents flaccid skin
Acts on breast tissue help
reinforce the appearance, thus
giving toning and firmness in
adition prevents aging and
of the skin